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Buyback Information

Students unable to make it to the in-store buyback may sell back their books anytime using the Online Buyback link on this page.


Q: What is buyback?
A:  Buyback is generally held at the end of each semester during finals week.  The bookstore will buy back your textbook if the instructor has decided to use the same book the following semester and the bookstore needs to purchase additional copies. If the book is not being used, or if the textbook has changed editions, you may be offered a lower price from the wholesaler.

Q: How are buyback prices determined?
 Several factors determine the price paid for a book:

 If the bookstore is buying a book and it is a current edition, up to 50% of the NEW selling price may be paid.

  1. If the bookstore is buying a book and its future use is questionable, the price is dependent on the market value and will range from 20% - 50% of the NEW selling price.
  2. If the bookstore has no need for a book, the used book wholesaler facilitating buyback may purchase it. The wholesale purchase price will be based on current market value which ranges from 1% - 33% of national retail price. Old editions typically have zero value.
  3. The value of your book may increase if you provide all required components at book buyback - including CDs, supplements and other accessories.
  4. The amount you may receive cannot be determined until you are at the buyback register.


Q: What is considered "good" or "resaleable" condition?
If your book is not in good, resaleable condition, it will be refused during buyback.  
      A "good" and "resaleable" book will: 

  • not have stains and/or water damage
  • not have missing, torn or ripped pages
  • not have a missing, torn or loose cover
  • not have a broken spine
  • not have torn or damaged binding

: Why didn't the bookstore give me money for my books?

There are several things the bookstore must consider before buying books back from students such as:

  1. If an instructor has chosen the book for the upcoming term.
  2. If the bookstore has a need for additional inventory to fill an instructor's request.  If the bookstore does not have a need for a particular book, the used book wholesaler who facilitates our buyback may purchase the book for use at another campus.
  3. The condition of the book such as excessive highlighting, torn/missing pages, excessive permanent writing, missing pieces (CDs, software, etc.) can affect the value. Study guides and workbooks must be clean.
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