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Faculty FAQ

Q: Will the bookstore buy back the book I used for my class from the students?
A:  The bookstore will buy back a textbook if the instructor has decided to use the same book the following semester and the bookstore needs to purchase additional copies. If the book is not being used, or if the textbook has changed editions, you may be offered a lower price from the wholesaler. The bookstore does not buy back custom bundles that were sold in shrink-wrap. These bundles usually contain access codes, which are good for one-time registration per student and we do not buy these back.

Q: I need a desk copy. Can you get this for me?
The bookstore is not responsible for obtaining instructor's textbooks. This is handled through your department chairperson.

Q: Will the bookstore have enough of my book in stock?
We do everything we can to have enough copies for our students to purchase. If enrollment increases and we run low, the bookstore manager will be in touch to let you know. If necessary, we will place an immediate order to replenish the supply.

Q: When are book adoptions due?
Typically, the book adoption deadline is October 1 for the upcoming
spring semester, and March 1 for the upcoming summer and fall terms.

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